Move Teeth Comfortably, Safely, and Efficiently in Weeks

This exciting newer orthodontic technology allows us to move teeth comfortably, safely and efficiently in weeks, rather than years. I now cringe when I hear about patients who have been in orthodontic treatment for multiple years. Most orthodontic patients can be successfully treated in less than a year and some as quickly as 100 days!

How is this possible? The answer is by utilizing the revolutionary Fastbraces® technology that uses a patented triangular bracket system and ONE patented square, super-elastic wire from start to finish. No longer do we need to change wires; one of the major causes of discomfort with the old orthodontic technology.

Those who are not familiar with and do not understand the newer technology will warn that moving teeth rapidly will damage the teeth. While this is true when utilizing old orthodontic technology it is no longer a concern with the newer, state-of-the-art Fastbraces® technology. The patented design of the triangular bracket combined with the small square wire utilize low forces to efficiently and comfortably move teeth without damaging them.

Dr. Lockhart with Dr. Anthony Viazis, inventor of Fastbraces®

Old orthodontic technology will often extract teeth in order to straighten the remaining teeth; with Fastbraces® technology we rarely need to extract any teeth. With old orthodontic technology the first year or more is spent moving the crowns of the teeth and then the roots of the teeth are moved during the subsequent year or more. With Fastbraces® technology we can gently move both the crowns and roots of teeth simultaneously; thus allowing us to complete treatment in a fraction of the time.

Fastbraces® technology has been tested in leading universities in the United States, Europe and South America. The newer technology works with both children and adults.

Fastbraces® technology is not a major departure from the orthodontic techniques that we utilize to straighten teeth but rather the orthodontic materials that are used. The biggest differences for a patient utilizing Fastbraces® vs. the old orthodontic technology is the increased comfort and the huge difference in the time it takes to straighten the teeth. We used to talk about straightening teeth in terms of months or years, now we talk in terms of days!

If you are in need of straighter teeth, we invite you to give us a call (Riverton Office Phone Number 801-542-0267) for a consultation or second opinion to determine if Fastbraces® is right for you.